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As the title says, I'm not posting any more music on here.
But that's not because I don't post music at all, it's because I now have a blog!
Check out all my latest releases here:


2008-02-21 20:59:06 by Kaburorne

New song! ^^
Check it out- it's super boring long ambient glitch stuff. If that's a genre.
It was going to be called Tree Bark, but that name was already taken by someone on here so... there you go. /125679

Hi everyone. Just to let everyone know that my new song is finished. And it's my favourite one to date. It's a remix of (the amazing) Hania's "Silver Memory". The original's great!
Take a listen here: /105880
And check out her other stuff too, it's great. I especially like Softly I Sing.

Silver Memory (featuring Hania)

My Birthday Tomorrow!

2007-12-10 14:47:18 by Kaburorne

Just to let you guys know that it's my birthday 11/12/07, and I'm dead excited XD

So yeah. Hi everyone. I'm starting up a NewGrounds account right now, to put my music on and hopefully get some critique and maybe some people who will like it. I mainly do electronic, ambient, chillout. So far. I'm not sure where I might 'evolve' to.