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Haha, was that being offensive for the sake of being offensive?
Outrageously funny stuff.


Losing one of my own parents, I can really relate to this story. I wouldn't go as far as taking my own life, but I've certainly felt that... emptiness and worthlessness.
Pretty basic storyline, but you couldn't really go wrong there which is good.
The graphics were good, not over shiny, but not basic either. Just there for the story. I really liked it when the child got an (imaginary) kiss on the cheek from her memories of her parents- that part really sunk into me.
The only two things I could suggest is maybe not compress the song so much, maybe leave it in the original quality. And also, maybe do it extremely slow when she jumps off the building, and fade out very slowly too. That would look good.
Overall, very touching flash which has a real meaning to me.


Yeah. I thought the animation was amazing, but the storyline tried to be funny but serious at the same time. I think it would have been better without the little phrases that were trying to be funny. I really liked the... guy in the mask's voice. Sorry, I don't know his name cause I haven't really been keeping up with what goes on in Star Wars. But yeah, that was really cool.

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It was great!

I thought this was a really good game. Great presentation, great soundtrack too.
I'd disagree with the people who say it needs a storyline, it would make it cliché and pretty crap. I just want to shoot stuff! :D
The three weapons idea was cool - good call.
My only gripe would be that the target speed was quite off. Maybe not start it so slow, and not finish so high? Start faster, but not so much of an acceleration difference.
Great game though- I'd definately play again.

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Pretty much what koezan has said already

Yeah, he's/she's already said pretty much everything.
Also, some different synths and VSTs would be good- these sound very thin.
Have you tried out some subtle delay or reverb?

I really do like the chords though- but they seem to punchy for my taste.

Chris220 responds:

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I know these synths suck, I didn't have anything better at the time though :P Now I have z3ta+ and Nexus, I'll be able to make much nicer sounding stuff haha!
And yeah, I should use some subtle effects in the background... would improve it a lot ;)

If I do update this piece, then I'll upload it here so you can compare!


By the way, Koezan is a guy :P My friend :P

Not bad for a second submission

The melody synth seemed a bit harsh on the ears, but I guess that's 8-bit for ya'
The drums could have been more exciting too- bit more variation. And some new sounds too. If you want any samples let me know- I could zip up a pack for you
The arranging was actually very good though. I think it was the synths and samples used holding it back. Could you maybe give me the FL Studio project file to this sometime? I'd like to have a little play with it.
Yeah, not bad :)

Chris220 responds:

Sure, I'd be happy to send it to you!
I love this theme so much, I've toyed with it for a long time! this is obviously chiptune styled one, but I'll probably get around to make a much more upbeat Techno version or something :)

It's ok.

But I think you need some better VSTs or plugins or something, they sound very 2D and flat.
Shame, cause your melodies are really nice and well constructed!

Musical-Pants responds:

Any suggestions?
I'm working with FL 8, which is great for creating melodies, but i'm comeplety clueless on how to make the the song sound better.
If you can point me in the direction of any tutorials, or have any advice, it would be much appreciated.


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